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We Are…

The Daily Constitutional is the London Walks® Blog. 

Edited and written by guides from London Walks® – London’s multi-award-winning walking tour company – it covers all aspects of life and culture in London.

We blog every day.

That’s us in a nutshell. The long-winded version is HERE.

You Are…

• A Londoner keen to know more about our great city.


• A Londoner in spirit but currently living away from our great city but keen to keep in touch with London.


• A London Walker looking for information about London Walks®.

This blog is for you. 

What We Do…

We lead “London’s Best Guided Walks” (Time Out) and blog about the bits we can’t squeeze into our award-winning walking tours.

What You Do…

Join us on London Walks®, of course (the main website for info is www.walks.com), read our blog and, from time-to-time, send us your photographs, London tips and reviews.

You can keep in touch with us by emailing us HERE.

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Happy Londoning!

The Editor
London, January 2014