Friday, 23 January 2009

Start the Week

Monday, dreary Monday. And, to top it all, as Angela says:

“It's January and the dingiest part of the winter. Not even the snowdrops have broken cover yet to give us that tiny shimmer of spring.”

Not our usual, sunny, upbeat, London Walks Blog fayre, I’ll grant you.

“But,” Angela continues, “there is magic to be had on, of all things, a Monday morning.”

Phew. That was all getting a bit gloomy, Ange. Do carry on:

“The magic is to be found in the The Old Palace Quarter. For a start, we actually disappear down a hole – in pursuit of Alice's white rabbit perhaps? And while we don't actually emerge in Wonderland, nevertheless there is something of a fairytale here. There is a little arcade of shops which could have come straight out a Harry Potter, with exotic, silken waistcoats, Russian memorabilia, lead toy soldiers and the finest of the fine bone china. Most magical of all there are ice-palaces and ice- mountains and ice- sculptures in the kingdom of the Snow Queen created in a shop window, the story of Kay and Gerda almost brought to life and so spectacular it turns us all into five year olds again! And then, to get our breath back we have a few minutes in one of Christopher Wren's prettiest churches, and sometimes, but only sometimes, we have a treat when musicians are rehearsing for a lunchtime concert in the church. A couple of weeks ago a pianist was playing a Chopin Etude and that was truly magical!”

(Angela’s Old Palace Quarter chapter is a highlight of the forthcoming LONDON STORIES, the London Walks book (pictured), published on 5th February.)


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