Monday, 9 February 2009

Knightsbridge: A Bon Vivant Writes…

“History,” states Dominic Sandbrook in the preface to his excellent White Heat: A History of Britain in the Swinging Sixties, “should be entertaining as well as informative.”

He has a kindred spirit in London Walks guide Nick

"It's not so much a walk,” says Nick of his Knightsbridge Pubs outing, “it’s more of a street party!

“Over the years, we’ve been invited into four homes. There was the 21st birthday party (that was hard to leave), the artist's studio, Bairnsfather's house, Anastasia's lovely regency home. People,” he adds, “are just so friendly.

“One time we stood outside a Thanksgiving dinner looking admiringly at the jolly people inside and they came out and gave us all pecan pie!

“At the end of a long working day I often feel I just don't have the energy and drive to do a walk, but the sheer fun of it, the REALLY nice people who come along, the jokes, the laughter, give the whole thing such a buzz, I go home on a high every time!"

Tag along with Nick on his regular Friday jaunts Knightsbridge Pubs meeting at South Kensington Tube, 7.00p.m.

(Nick also contributes to LONDON STORIES, the London Walks book OUT NOW.)


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