Thursday, 19 March 2009

Blog Extra… The Famous White Leaflet

Work continues apace on the new season London Walks white leaflet, with the usual cloak of secrecy surrounding the sensitive proceedings. Captured below is the industrious scene last night as the team worked into the small hours compiling the contents of London’s most important piece of paper…

As with all eagerly awaited documents, leaks are inevitable, and the famous white leaflet is no different. A source close to the Editor-in-Chief, who wishes to remain anonymous, told LW Blog that he’d seen the first draft, which featured details of odd goings on in the Bayswater Road area rumoured to have something to do with London Walks guide Tom. He also caught wind of a tour of salacious happenings in the fleshpots of Soho in the company of the Rolling Stones and sundry historical English malefactors and reprobates. More news as it happens…

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