Friday, 22 May 2009

Blog Extra (or… This Train TERMINATES Here)

Full, as ever, of wise saws and modern instances, quick-witted London Walks guide Richard III read yesterday’s LW Blog post and spotted another peg upon which to hang a well-woven London Walk – in this case the All Change at St. Pancras walk on Bank Holiday Monday 25th May at 2.30pm.

Our Ladykillers post reminded him not only of St Pancras Station but of the poem The Levelled Churchyard by Thomas Hardy… a poem inspired when Hardy witnessed the clearing of a churchyard to make way for Victorian progress – a theme very much in keeping with the walk. Here’s the poem…

O passenger, pray list and catch
Our sighs and piteous groans,
Half stifled in this jumbled patch
Of wrenched memorial stones!

"We late-lamented, resting here,
Are mixed to human jam,
And each to each exclaims in fear,
'I know not which I am!'

"The wicked people have annexed
The verses on the good;
A roaring drunkard sports the text
Teetotal Tommy should!

"Where we are huddled none can trace,
And if our names remain,
They pave some path or p-ing place
Where we have never lain!

"There's not a modest maiden elf
But dreads the final Trumpet,
Lest half of her should rise herself,
And half some local strumpet!

"From restorations of Thy fane,
From smoothings of Thy sward,
From zealous Churchmen's pick and plane
Deliver us O Lord! Amen!"

Join the All Change at St Pancras walk on Monday 25th May at King’s Cross Station (Euston Road North exit) at 2.30p.m.

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