Thursday, 7 May 2009

The Eels are Alive with the Sound of Radar (Ouch)

Ann’s off on another foodie bunberry this weekend. And here’s her trailer:

“Londoners have always eaten eels – there were plenty of them in the Thames – so many that in the Middle Ages they had names for six different sorts. Now we may have a solution to the great eel mystery – how do they go thousands of miles from the Thames to breed in the Sargasso Sea? Researchers have tagged eels (some job: Slippery as an eel?) to trace the route they take. The name of the project? The Eeliad – clearly chosen by someone with a classical education.

Londoners prefer their eels cold, jellied, sprinkled with chilli vinegar and eaten from a paper cup. I like them smoked – and you can buy them in Borough Market after you’ve been on my Foodie Walk this Saturday, May 9th. Join me to hear more about the fish in the Thames – and other foodie delights, at 10 am, Monument tube, Fish St. Hill exit (where else?)”

(For more details go to and look for the Latest News story headed “You'll never be able to eat solidified floor wax again!”)

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