Thursday, 14 May 2009

Go Somewhere Else this Weekend

Canada? Jamaica? Aberdeen? Amsterdam? Go Somewhere Else? Why would we ever leave London? Have we gone mad?

Don’t panic. We always adhere strictly to the oft-quoted Doc Johnson line about the fatal consequences of being tired of London. Only on Saturday mornings we do things a little differently.

Kick-start your weekend south of the river, down Lambeth way (as Frank Sinatra almost sang) with some of London’s most challenging architecture. Discover some of London’s most surprising hidden streets. Get an unexpected bird’s eye view of London. Finish in time for lunch and a pint of beer from London’s last independent brewery. And with its riverside walkways, Somewhere Else London is the perfect place to try out David’s top new Walking Tip For Kids on London Walks.

Meet Adam at Embankment Station this Saturday (or Steph next Saturday) at 10.30a.m for the Somewhere Else London walk. (And make sure to ask him about the London Walks book London Walks London Stories.)

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