Friday, 9 July 2010

Another Pub Quiz Walk!

Four more questions from the last Half & Half Pub Quiz Walk. This time the topic is The London Underground…

(The next Pub Quiz Walk, the Fleet Street Half & Half – half walking tour/half pub quiz – meets at Temple Station Monday 12th July 7pm)

1. The deepest station on the Underground network is…?

2. I have two gates and more hills than any of the others – four in total. I’ve got a City, a Circus and a cathedral… but only one Road. Which tube line am I?

3. The Bakerloo line takes its name from an amalgam of the stations Baker Street & Waterloo. For which line were the following names suggested: “Mordenware”, “Medgway” and “Edgmorden”?

4. At 34 miles long which is the longest line on the London Underground?

Answers – and more questions! – soon.

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