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London Walks Movie Week: What's Your Favourite London Film?

All this week, in the run-up to Sunday's London on Film Walk (11.00a.m Bank Station exit 3) we’ve been asking: What’s Your Favourite London Film? Email us with your Favourite London Film.

Here are a few of your responses so far. Keep ‘em coming.

Tiffany Cleveland (obviously a big movie buff because, like our own Richard IV – see earlier post – she couldn’t pick just one) posted on Facebook: “A couple of my favorites are Withnail and I and Blow Up."

Excellent choices Tiffany. The disappeared 1960s Camden Town of Withnail & I is particularly memorable. Did you know that you can still see the wolves’ enclosure from Regent’s Park just as Withnail does at the end of the movie? We love 60s cult classic Blow Up, too, in which David Hemmings plays a Swinging London photographer. We especially like the eerie scenes in Maryon Park, Charlton.

On the topic of Blow Up, the 60s feature heavily in the responses so far. Cindy Jones Rottweiler plumped for the classic To Sir With Love. Thanks Cindy, you’ve picked a real gem there: great central performance from a young Sidney Poitier challenging racism in inner city London; and a great theme song from Lulu, too.

London Walks guide Karen went for another 60’s-made picture, this time a musical: “Oliver! Oliver Reid is brilliant as Bill Sykes.” Indeed. LW’s David stayed in the same decade with A Man for All Seasons. When pressed for the reason why, he simply replied, in awed tones: “Schofield.” (Paul Schofield won the Oscar for his portrayal of Thomas More.)

Back in the 21st century, Susan Yosef responds: “Any of the HP films of course. :-)”

Thanks Susan. How could we forget Harry Potter?

Jennifer Osborn simply added: “Anything Jane Austen!”

Thanks Jennifer. We’re particularly big fans of the Emma Thompson’s Sense and Sensibility, shot in part at Greenwich and Somerset House on The Strand. (P.S Jennifer: Thanks for posting London Walks pics on Facebook – we’ll pop them on the blog next week!)

Maliha Khan writes: “Bridget Jones's Diary – and just because the character was played by an American didn’t make it any less British.”

We agree Maliha: Hurrah for Bridget and hurrah for Big Pants!

Rom Coms were high on the agenda with Dale Ingram weighing in with Four Weddings & a Funeral (we love the scenes at St Bartholomew’s Church, Smithfields) – and Dionysia Patrinou and Cheryl Stephenson nominating Love Actually – both projects involved Richard Curtis, and both “starred” London. Great choices!

We liked this from Kathy Softley: “I choose American Werewolf in London, but we remember Adam liked From Hell a lot!”

Is this a reference to one of our London Walks guides, Kathy? Was Adam suggesting that From Hell was his fave London movie? Hmmmm. We love American Werewolf, too. (Adam, by the way, DIDN’T chose From Hell as his fave, but went instead for the black Ealing comedy The Ladykillers with Alec Guinness, in which some cack-handed gangsters try to kill a sweet – and infuriating! – little old lady in the Gothic shadows of St Pancras hotel.)

Meredith Small joined it with: “So many, but one of my faves is A Fish Called Wanda! Classic!”

No doubt on both scores, Meredith. The John Cleese comedy IS a classic: and there really are so many London films to choose from.

On Twitter jamrock went for the gangster classic The Long Good Friday – which also happens to be the favourite of London Walks guide Laurence.

Have we missed your favourite? Email us at the usual address.

London on Film is this Sunday 18th July at 11.00a.m meeting at Bank Station exit 3.

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