Saturday, 24 July 2010

The Next Pub Quiz Walk

The next PUB QUIZ WALK – The Lambeth Half & Half (i.e. half walking tour/half pub quiz) is on Monday 26th July at 7.00p.m meeting at Embankment Station.
As a warm-up, try these five questions from last week’s Political London Pub Quiz Walk (and scroll down for the answer to last Sunday’s quiz questions)…

1. What colour is the roof of the Ministry of Defence?
2. What democratic anomaly links: Arthur Balfour, Gordon Brown, James Callaghan and Sir Alec Douglas-Home?
3. Edina and Patsy were the central characters is which London-set sitcom?
4. Which famous school did our current Prime Minister attend?
5. I have one North down south and two Easts up north; I get Cross three times and have both a Common and a Green – and although I have both an Oak and a whole Wood, I only have two branches. Which tube line am I?


1. By August 2012 how many times will London have staged the Olympic Games?
2. At which London recording studio did The Beatles record the majority of their output?
3. The V&A Museum: what does the “A” stand for?
4. Which London football team started its life as the works team of a gun factory at Woolwich?
5. One small part of me is Swiss, yet you’ll find Canada here, too; that Sherlock would have found me handy is elementary but Bond also plays a cameo; Napoleon would find a cruel reminder here; along me you can Go West three times and I celebrate a 25th anniversary. Which tube line am I?

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