Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Pub Quiz Walks

Thanks to all who joined in and made the Political Pub Quiz Walk so enjoyable on Monday. A truly international event this week, with Walkers representing Canada, the U.S, Australia and England.

Congratulations to our three Prize Winners, too: Here they are pictured outside the Foreign Office at the end of the walk (above) – Alex, Elizabeth and Emma. Well done!

Thanks also to Pub Quiz Walk regular Mick, who, despite scoring the highest number of correct answers, stepped down from the prize winning position on the grounds that he'd already been a prize winner on two pervious occasions. Thanks Mick – you're a proper gent and no mistake.

Think you can do better than Mick, Emma, Alex or Elizabeth? Come and have a go next Monday 26th July on the Lambeth Pub Quiz Walk – meeting at Embankment Station at 7.00p.m. (Come back to the LW Blog later this week when we'll post a few warm-up questions to get you in shape!)

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