Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Your Favourite London Movies

Last week we asked: What’s Your Favourite London Movie? Well the responses are still coming in. Here are a few more:

Like so many London Walkers, Sandie Cleveland-Braze headed straight for the Sixties: “I like Alfie with Michael Caine and Georgy Girl with Lynn Regrave.”

Both great movies, Sandie. We particularly like the Alfie scenes which were shot along The Embankment.

Cecilia Cygnar of Chicago, Illinois emails to add to the debate:

“Hitchcock's Frenzy does a fabulous job of showing off the old Covent Garden area.”

Celia, we agree. And if you’re a Hitchcock fan, click HERE for details of the Hitchcock’s London Walk.

We also liked this from Heather Lisy:

Lock, Stock, and Two Smoking Barrels - for the more gritty London away from the West End.

Also Shaun of the Dead. Not so much because of the scenery but due to the fact that it gives me another good reason to visit the pubs – to hide out from zombies! :)”

There’s no answer to that!

The next London Walks Film Walk is this Sunday – West End on Film 11.00a.m St James’s Park Station.

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