Monday, 2 August 2010

Congratulations Kensington Pub Quiz Walk Winners!

Congratulations to our Kensington Pub Quiz Walk Winners!

Pictured below are the defending British champions, winning for the second week in a row clutching their prize – congrats, gents!

And this is Michelle’s team, winners of the Overseas Visitor category…

… keeping Canada’s outstanding record in the Pub Quiz Walks going strong. Say Hi to Vancouver for us. (P.S. Michelle, don't forget to tell the Vancouver bar guy who runs his trivia night to check out our blog for any questions he might be able to use. We post 'em every week after the pub quiz walks.)

Congrats also to the Canadian pilots whose strategy – “We’ll contemplate the questions over a beer… or two… or three” – saw them fail to enter any answers on their quiz paper at all! Well done for being good sports, guys – same goes for everyone involved, but esp. the runners-up who lost out only on a tie break!

And let it also be noted that the guide/quizmaster was bribed not only with offers of strong drink, but with chips (French Fries) and pistachio nuts but remained, as Caesar’s wife, unimpeachable.

Next week we’re back in the heart of town for the West End Pub Quiz Walk – meet at Embankment Station 7pm on Monday 9th August. (Stay tuned for more “warm-up” questions later in the week.)

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