Saturday, 28 August 2010

Culture Sandwich No.1. Tower Hill

Our new series for those who work in London – highlighting the nooks, corners and green spaces in which one can linger of a lunchbreak. Grab lunch and catch up on those familiar landmarks that you never seem to have the time to look at on your way to and from work in the company of Karen Pierce-Goulding, winner of the prestigious Blue Badge Guide of the Year award.

As you emerge from Tower Hill underground station take a moment to salute one of the original founders of London – 1st Century Roman Emperor, Trajanus.

The Culture Bit
Although not the initial conqueror of these shores, Trajanus was one of the mighty Warrior-Emperors. (There’s a towering marble column named after him in the centre of Rome, known simply as Trajan’s Column – every surface is covered in swirling carved friezes depicting legion upon legion of Roman soldiers winning battle after battle during his legendary reign.)

Trajanus’ statue is aptly placed, hand raised in victory, just in front of the largest remaining chunk of the old city wall , built by the Romans to enclose their settlement, Londinium, 2000 years ago in 196AD – an impressive reminder of our sophisticated Southern European invaders. Statues were erected in public places so that the newly conquered citizenry learned to respect their new ruler.

The Sandwich Bit

Jump a continent for lunch by crossing the road to the branch of Wagamama with the best view in the world: Tower Bridge and the Tower of London. 2b Tower Place, Tower Hill, phone : +44 (0) 207 283 5897.

The London Walks Bit:

Meet at Tower Hill Station for The Tower of London Walk every Wednesday at 10.45 a.m.

Karen guides the Westminster Walk this morning (and every Saturday).

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