Thursday, 19 August 2010

The London List No.24

London Bridges in the Movies (a sequel to last week’s blog post Five Unorthodox Events on London’s Bridges)…

1. Alfie (1966)
Hungerford Bridge – the backdrop for Michael Caine’s legendary monologue to camera at the start of this very 60s morality tale. A London classic: both the movie AND the star.

2. Sherlock Holmes (2009)
Tower Bridge – appears as an unfinished structure upon which the climactic punch-up between Holmes and the wicked Lord Blackwood takes place. Stirring stuff.

3. The Ladykillers (1955)
King’s Cross Station footbridge – perfect location for Alec Guinness's creepy Professor Marcus to make notes on the times of trains ripe for robbing. Gruesome and hilarious in equal measure.

4. About a Boy (2002)
London Bridge (the new one) – along which Hugh Grant wanders away from the workaday City, thus symbolizing the against-the-grain nature of his character in the movie of this Nick Hornby novel.

5. The Millionairess (1960)
London Bridge (the old one) – features in the cinematic adaptation of Bernard Shaw’s play starring Sophia Loren and Peter Sellers (pictured, top)


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