Saturday, 9 October 2010

Culture Sandwich No.6: Robert Burns at Embankment Gardens

Our weekly series for those who work in London – highlighting the nooks, corners and green spaces in which one can linger of a lunchbreak. Grab lunch and catch up on those familiar landmarks that you never seem to have the time to look at on your way to and from work in the company of our Saturday Girl Karen Pierce-Goulding, winner of the prestigious Blue Badge Guide of the Year award.

The Culture Bit

If you didn’t think it possible for a statue to posses the qualities of sexual magnetism and charisma, go and visit Robert Burns in Embankment Gardens. The “second greatest writer ever produced by the British Isles” (as my husband – a Scot, quelle surprise – makes me write) his vivid bronze memorial is the work of Sir John Steele and dates from 1884.

Scotland’s national bard died young – just 37 years of age – in 1796 and his collected song Auld Lang Syne remains the anthem of the New Year. Embankment Gardens is the perfect spot to grab a perch of a lunchtime and rifle through the collected works. If it’s escape from the urban life that you’re looking for in your lunch hour, read My Heart’s in the Highlands – which just also happens to be the favourite of HRH the Prince of Wales.

The Sandwich Bit
If you’re not dining alfresco at nearby Gordon’s Wine Bar of a sunny day (see It’s a London Thing No.9) then hit the little independent sandwich shop immediately next door to Gordon’s on Villiers Street – it’s housed in the old gatekeeper’s hut of the long-gone York House, riverside residence of the Duke of Buckingham.

UPDATE 2016… Gordon's Wine Bar still going strong! These days they even have a website and you can follow them on Twitter @GordonsWineBar

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