Saturday, 6 August 2011

Great Marlborough Street: The Saturday Street

The Saturday Street is our NEW weekly series in which we unlock the stories behind the names of London's famous thoroughfares. It's compiled by London Walks guide Karen – listed by Travel + Leisure magazine as The World's Greatest Tour Guide. You can find Karen on Saturdays guiding her Old Westminster and British Museum walks. If you've got a London street query or suggestion, email Karen at the usual address

Great Marlborough Street W1, the City of Westminster

Location: Soho

Famed as a Monopoly board street – although on the traditional English board, the prefix “Great” is dropped. It is one of the orange squares, each linked not geographically but thematically, the bond being law and order: Great Marlborough and Bow Streets once played home to courts of law and Vine Street had a police station.

The street is named for John Churchill, 1st Duke of Marloborough (1650- – 1722) of whom Winston Churchill was a direct descendent.

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