Friday, 13 January 2012

Font Of All Knowledge…

Here’s Ann, on a different blog beat to the one you’re used to reading…

When you’re reading a book, do you ever think about the type face in which it’s printed? The font used for tube stations and on the buses? Or even Times New Roman, the type face being used for this blog. Maybe you listened to ‘Just My Type’ last month, Radio 4’s book of the week, and heard that Steve Jobs was the man responsible for offering such a choice of fonts on computers.

Come to Hammersmith on a typographical adventure and hear about the designer of that London Underground font, and his neighbour who 100 years ago created one of the most beautiful typefaces ever used. Here’s a sample:

And visit the house of a man better known for wallpaper and Socialism than for printing. But William Morris set up his private press in Hammersmith – and you will see one of the actual presses on which Kelmscott Pressbooks were printed.

Join Ann with William Morris and Friends, Saturday January 14, 2 pm, meeting at Stamford Brook tube.

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