Thursday, 19 January 2012

God Save The Cabbage

Fascinating Ann is at it again. Her next Foodie Walk goes on Saturday 21st January. Here’s an appetiser…

“January. Time to perhaps regret that extra mince pie, and the second helping of pudding. Time then to celebrate that seasonal vegetable, the January King. The King is a cabbage – and before you dismiss it as fodder for school dinners, remember that the Egyptians thought cabbage was a hangover cure (eat a lot of cabbage before you start drinking).

Cabbage has been around for around 4000 years. It was peasant food in this country in the Middle Ages, and later Battersea became known for its cabbages. A visitor from Venice in the C17 went into raptures about their quality: ‘I think I have already mentioned the size of the cabbages, which sometimes weigh 35 lbs. the pair, to such an enormous size do they grow.’

And, of course, it’s good for you – lots of vitamin C, hardly any calories. Hence the appearance of cabbage soup as a miracle diet. Perhaps the weight loss occurs when you get so sick of your dinner consisting of a bowl of cabbage soup.

So go and buy a January King – and if you don’t want to eat it, just keep it in the kitchen for decoration. A surprising number of artists have done it justice– shades of green just tipped with purple, a firm shiny heart, and frilly outer leaves.

And for your next pub quiz, which country produces the most cabbage? Answer: China, with 36 million tonnes – runner up is India with 5 million tonnes.

And there'll be more fodder for a foodie pub quiz on my Foodies walk on Saturday. Join me at 10.00am on January 21st, Monument Tube, Fish Street Hill exit.”

For a YouTube preview of Ann’s Foodie Walks, click HERE

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