Thursday, 19 January 2012

Our Favourite Shops No.3

Every Thursday we bring you The Daily Constitutional guide to the best of London shopping – independent, one man- and one-woman bands, unique boutiques, singular emporia and London institutions.

These are our favourite shops. To nominate your favourite shop for inclusion send us an email with a short description and a brief reason why you think it is the best shop in London.

3. Marchpane

What: Children’s Bookshop

Where: 16 Cecil Court WC2

Why: Marchpane is no ordinary children’s bookshop. It specializes in secondhand first and collectible editions. What better gift than a first edition of a loved one’s favourite book from childhood? What better way to introduce a child to that favourite book than with a colourful classic edition?

The proprietor also has a wonderful weakness for punk rock, which results in the odd copy of the rare punk fanzine Sniffin’ Glue nestling in amongst the Winnie The Pooh’s. Bargains are to be found on the outside table, everything from old copies of Living London magazine to lobby cards from famous movies. And where else can you pose the question, “How much is that Dalek in the window?” Yes, a real Dalek. Sadly, it’s not for sale, but it adds to the unique atmosphere of this great bookshop.



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