Friday, 13 January 2012

Plaque of the Week No.102: Brian Epstein

You've seen them all over the city: discs, tablets, cameos and plaques commemorating the great and the good of London Town. Friday is our new day for tracking down London plaques (Blue or otherwise) and putting them centre stage on the Daily Constitutional. This week…

In the month that sees the anniversary brouhaha start all over again for The Beatles – it was 50 years ago this January that they came to London for the unsuccessful Decca audition – we remember the man without whom…

Brian Epstein was The Beatles' manager and the man who polished them up for fame. The Fifth Beatle? Well that particular parlour game can rage into the small hours – what about George Martin? Neil Aspinall? And on and on…

Upon Epstein’s death in 1967 George Harrison said, “He was one of us.” John Lennon described him as “an intuitive theatrical guy”. Paul McCartney once said that “Brian was very much part of the group”. And there seems little doubt that Epstein’s theatrical nous was invaluable to The Beatles' rise in the staid world of early 1960s show business.

His first office in London was at Seven Dials, in modest Monmouth Street in London’s West End, a hop-skip-and-jump from Denmark Street, London’s Tin Pan Alley. And it is in Monmouth Street where his plaque can be found. It was unveiled by his other long-lasting protégé Cilla Black.

For more legends of rock'n'roll see the Rock'n'Roll London walk every Friday meeting at 2pm Tottenham Court Road Stn (Exit 2)


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