Friday, 2 March 2012

Rock ‘n’ Roll London – The Great London Sleeves

Come My Way was released in 1965. A great folk-flavoured record (originally on the Decca label) it contains many of the seeds of Marianne Faithfull’s later career as a respected chanteuse.

The sleeve was shot on St Martin’s Lane, WC2, right in the heart of the West End in The Salisbury Pub. This ornate gin palace dates back to 1892 and is one of the West End’s best-preserved old boozers. The great Marianne herself is one of the West End’s worst-preserved old boozers, but we love her just the same.

The sleeve shown is the CD version re-released by Rev-Ola Records, an offshoot of the Cherry Red label. Their website is HERE.

Find the Salisbury Pub here…

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  1. In the 1960s I believe this was one of the few pubs that wasn't modernised. If you look at old photos of the are you'll see that many apparently Victorian pubs of today had been given the full hardboard and vinyl treatment then!