Friday, 13 April 2012

Rock'n'Roll London – The Great London Sleeves

Just as the gritty alley on The Clash’s debut album introduced the band as outlaw punks, so too does The Who’s debut sleeve send a clear signal of intent.

Shot by David Wedgbury at Surrey Docks, Rotherhithe in November 1965, the placement of the band amid oil drums suggests that flammable material can be found on the record. An apt metaphor for not just My Generation, but for The Who’s long, loud, explosive career.

The area today is Surrey Quays (with its own station on the Jubilee Line extension) a largely residential area.

The band had already worked with Wedgbury, back in March of the same year, and it is a shot from that earlier session that adorns the U.S version of the sleeve (below). Another U.S connection can be found in Rotherhithe: The Mayflower sailed from there to Southampton before embarking on its famous journey west.

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