Thursday, 26 April 2012

Streets Ahead

Streets Ahead is the occasional column from London Walks' Pen David Tucker

Here's a photo-fit in words.

"He was shorter than the average Englishman of today. He stood with his knees bent, his body stooping, and his head low in front of his hunched-up shoulders... His legs and arms, chest and shoulders, were probably covered with hair growing so thick that it was almost like fur... His nose was broad and flat, with wide nostrils to enable him to hunt by scenting out his prey. His ears were longer and larger than ours, helping him to catch every sound - a movement in the bushes, the snapping of a twig... He had bushy eyebrows spouting above his low brows, but the most strange feature of his face was the lower jaw. We should say that he had no chin, for his jaw sloped away into his thick neck. He showed his big teeth with every movement of his hairy lips, and altogether he was not at all the sort of man we should care to meet in a lonely spot."

Chellean Man. That's Chellean Man, not "chill, man."

To "meet him" - in a lonely spot or otherwise - we'd have to wind back to a million years ago, maybe 1.2 million. Though late Friday night in dives that would horrify a New York alleycat...

And in case you're wondering he's named for a village in France, St. Acheul. Though I think you can safely assume that he'd have a problem trying to pass himself off as a French rake, monk, or saint.

And as for what I'm wondering - was Chellean Woman similarly pelted?


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  1. Apparently "Chellean Man" is now classified as one of the species "Homo Erectus".