Thursday, 25 October 2012

A Halloween Plaque

Commemorating: Frankenstein’s Monster, The Mummy & The Body Snatcher
Issued by: English Heritage
Street: Forest Hill Road
Postcode: SE23

Okay, we admit it. This Blue Plaque isn’t really dedicated to the trio of horrors listed above… but it does commemorate a genuine London movie legend. William Henry Pratt (born in Camberwell, raised in Enfield) left England in 1909 for North America where, under the stage name of Boris Karloff, he embarked upon a life on the stage. Supplementing his initially sporadic acting career with periods of manual labour, it was not until 1931 and his iconic portrayal of The Monster in James Whale’s inaugural “talkie” version of Frankenstein that he became a star. In addition to his famous horror roles – as The Mummy and in The Body Snatcher – Karloff enjoyed a long and varied stage career, starring in the works of Jean Annouilh, J.M Barrie and J.B Priestly on Broadway. His ghost is said to haunt Hollywood & Vine.

All four London Walks Ghost walks are out on Halloween. CLICK HERE FOR THE GORY DETAILS.


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