Monday, 8 October 2012

Eight of Cups – Part 8 of Our Great London Tea (and Coffee) Quest

It's 3.00p.m in London. Back to the business of the best tea and coffee in in town. Fiona, like many of our LW guides, is fed up of the bag ‘n’ plastic cup combo of the big coffee chains. On this front she offers a bit of friendly science…

If you must buy tea from a coffee establishment, ask for milk on the side. That way it has slightly longer to brew before being cooled by the milk. Anywhere using a coffee machine for the hot water for tea will produce tasteless bleurgh, because the water is not hot enough. Tea likes boiling water, coffee just under boiling.

Ta Fiona.

Fiona, a descendant of John of Gaunt, is an actress who also teaches juggling, circus skills and escapology (she made a famous break from the London Dungeon). Fiona regularly leads the Famous Square Mile walk – 11.00a.m from Monument Station (Fish Street Hill Exit) on Thursdays


Our series seems to have encouraged hardcore tea aficionados to join the fray, too. The great Tea In England, blog – curated by Denise, an expat Chigagoan who is an Anglophile by inclination and a UK Tea Council Masterclass graduate by the sweat of her fair brow, dropped us a line recently…

“Loving this series! I've been on Kim's tea walk and have penciled in the next one in January."

Catch up with Tea in England at

Denise also pointed us in the direction of a another wonderful London tea blog – more of that next time. In the meantime, click the pic (below) for a sample of Tea in England – it’s a piece on tea at the Tower of London…


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  1. Thank you for sharing the Tea in England love!