Sunday, 28 October 2012

Paranormal Activity in London

This from the vaults, an email, from a London Walker in Phoenix, Arizona…

“Dear London Walks,

Was in London last month and went on your Halloween ghost walk. At one point we went past an old doorway that had a battered old brass sign. I took a snapshot of it. Of course it was dark and I'm no photographer so all I got was a black nothing.

Well I thought all I got was a black nothing.

The other night my husband was clicking through our London photos. He said, 'Jeez. Look at this…'

He was talking about the dud doorway photo. I couldn't see anything - until he blasted up the levels or whatever it is on photoshop. Anyways, you can see for yourself. Dunno what to think. You cud say I'm a little bit creeped out. Because I was right in front of that doorway - and there was nothing there when I took the photo.


Shirley Vespermann”

The pics are below. What do you think? Genuine paranormal activity on the Ghosts of the Old City Walk?


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