Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Top Tea # 11: It’s My Bag, Man (Part Two)

What's the time, Mister Wolf? Teatime…

Adam Writes… 

Part two of my teabag-on-a-string recommendation. So what’s my excuse this time?

It’s the cakes, dammit. The cakes!

The list of blue things that I would happily put in my mouth is a very short list indeed.

But at the top is the lurid blue icing at Candy Cakes on Monmouth Street.

It’s all in the colours at Candy Cakes. The restful retro green backdrop – may I call it Jolly Avocado? – is spiced with the wild patterns and colours of the tabletops. Good coffee and tea – Earl Grey for me again, Twinings once more – and, a personal fave this, they play BBC Radio 6 Music and when I was in last Friday they had Tom Waits on at full blast.

Tom Waits and Earl Grey tea: if you have yet to try the combination, is a mindblower.

Always a nice welcome, too. I love Candy Cakes. Weird thing happens in there, though. My trousers seem to get smaller at the waist. Hmmmm.

Candy Cakes
36 Monmouth Street
Covent Garden

Adam is a London Walks guide and Editor of The Daily Constitutional. His On the Road – Jack Kerouac in London walk goes this Saturday 13th October from Embankment Station at 10:45a.m. It ends at the door of an establishment where you can get a good cup of coffee, a quite good cup of tea, and where Jack Kerouac himself once enjoyed a pint of bitter and a Welsh Rarebit. View a short trailer for the walk HERE.


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