Saturday, 23 February 2013

The Best Chip Shop in London: A Star In the East

We’re dedicating the rest of February to finding the best fish and chip shop in London. 

The London Walks guides have cogitated and debated, and here are their recommendations…

Please feel free to get your own vinegary fingerprints all over the debate. 

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Daily Constitutionalist alfinch joins the Great London Chip Shop debate, emailing with his suggestion, simply stating:

The Lighthouse on Wanstead High Street.

Thanks for the tip alfinch! The Lighthouse does indeed look like an old-school, no-nonsense chip shop, traditional British chippie. We’ll definitely be checking it out next time we’re out east.

The Lighthouse
8 Clock House Parade
High Street 
E11 2AG

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1 comment:

  1. When I was in London last May, I had fish and chips three times for lunch or dinner; one was a hole in the wall place on a side street I just happened on near Trafalgar Square (very good), two I don't remember the location, and three, was fish! in Borough Market. Stupendous fish and chips. I probably would not have looked for the place if Richard III hadn't mentioned it during the Darkest Victorian London walk. Cheers!