Thursday, 7 February 2013

The Best Fish & Chips In London?

Posh & Chips!

It seems like no more than 10 minutes had passed since the Beckhams had arrived back in the capital from L.A, and the British tabloids were having a jamboree.

They went particularly mad for the sight of Victoria Beckham down the chip shop.

Now, we’ll agree: Skinny Woman of No Fixed Ability doth not a proper headline make.

But it did get us to debating the big issue wrapped within the newsprint of such tittle-tattle. Namely…

The Best Fish & Chip Shop In London: Where and Why?

Any suggestions, Daily Constitutionalists? We’ve canvassed the LW Guides and they’ve come back with a few recommendations – and we’ll be posting those soon.

But in the meantime, please feel free to get your own vinegary fingerprints all over the debate. Email us at the usual address, leave a comment below or Tweet us @londonwalks.

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