Friday, 31 May 2013

A Great London Movie For Rock'n'Roll London Day!

It's Rock'n'Roll London Day… AND It’s the ongoing Daily Constitutional Film Festival! The latter is programmed by London Walks Guides and London Walkers. Which is the greatest London movie of them all? The best performance in a London-set film? Your favourite London movie location?

As usual, we want to hear from you – send us your favourite London movie nominations to the usual email address, get in touch with us on Twitter @londonwalks or leave a comment at the bottom of this post.

On Rock’n’Roll Friday, here’s Adam…

No. 37: Blowup (1966)

Adam writes…

In yesterday’s contribution to The Great London movies series (catch up with that post on The Jokers [1967] HERE) my chum Richard IV also mentioned Blowup, the Antonioni film from 1966. His passing suggestion that it was a somewhat po-faced affair is difficult to disagree with 40-and-some years on – but I feel compelled to add it to our list for its memorable performance by The Yardbirds.

It is Rock’n’Roll London day, after all. Here’s the trailer…

And here are The Yardbirds with Beck and Page in their scene from the movie…

And heres our own film…!


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