Thursday, 1 August 2013

London Pub of the Week No.14: The Dog & Duck

THURSDAY is pub day! Our round-up of our favourite London pubs on or near the routes of our London Walks. We’ll be posting reviews, giving recommendations and directions and from time-to-time delving into the stories behind the pubs and pub names. As always, we want to hear your suggestions, too. Send your Best Pub In London suggestions to the usual address or leave a comment below.

The Dog and Duck

If you were asked which pub name was the most comedically English, the most quintessentially British and typical of the down home, spit and sawdust, salt of the earth, “usual-please-love”, local, traditional corner boozer, the chances are you’d say: The Dog and Duck.

Well, the squeamish among you should put down your pork scratchings before reading on.

The name comes from the brutal blood sport whereby a duck was floated in a pond and a dog put in to hunt and kill it. Apparently, the fun was to watch the duck dive and the dog go after it. Eeeh, they made there own entertainment in them days.

Try the Dog and Duck (sign pictured above), reputed to be Soho’s oldest pub, 18 Bateman Street W1.

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