Saturday, 7 December 2013

The East End Preservation Society

LW Guide Sue writes…

As many London Walks guides and London Walkers, specially those who do walks in the East End, know, buildings are being knocked down here like nine-pins.

Even when the democratic process of consultation between Council and residents and other interested parties has resulted in the Council overturning a planning application, these are being overturned by the Mayor, e.g. the Fruit and Wool Exchange in Spitalfields, and the Queen Elizabeth Hospital for Children in Hackney Road.

The plans for redeveloping Shoreditch involve a series of high-rise buildings destroying any sense of community in the area. You all know what is happening with the Bishopsgate Goods Yard. One could go on and on. 

Last week the East End Preservation Society was formed with its launch in the Bishopsgate Institute presided over by Dan Cruickshank, Marcus Binney, Will Palin, amongst others. 

It was attended by about 1000 people. With a view to take concerted action before it is too late. There are some recent success stories but too few and often protest fails because of a lack of cohesion. Divide and fall.

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Please join the Society.  It is in all our interests.


Sue, a Freeman of the City of London and a water-colourist, is an expert on the Fleet River and a professionally qualified Blue Badge and City of London Guide. She wrote the Life in the Mediaeval City chapter in our London Walks book.

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