Monday, 23 December 2013

The Last Word On Christmas Shopping…

The last word on Christmas Shopping goes to Angela…

Best shopping undoubtedly on Old Palace Quarter!

First, there's Floris on Jermyn street, been there since 1730 still doing gorgeous scents, room fragrances, little soaps, a treat for all noses.

Then the food hall in Fortnum and Mason, luxury food stuffs but hey it's Christmas, the best smoked salmon ever: the London smoke, light and almost sweet. And of course their famous tea, probably in the teapot at Buckingham Palace.

Also the eclectic market in the courtyard of St James's Church and in the lobby they sell charity Christmas cards.

Finally, and most excitingly, the French mustard people, Maille have, opened their only shop outside France in the Piccadilly Arcade where they sell wonderful salad vinegars and, ahem, mustards, including seasonal ones which come out of pumps into little black and gold jars - who knew! Best of all, as a fab treat, a mustard with black truffle!!!

So all that on Wednesday afternoon at 2.30 Green Park.

Thanks Angela – we should add that the shopping on the Old Palace Quarter walk is exquisite all year round.


Angela is one special actress. "She's so good it's almost impossible to compliment her", as Frederic Raphael, the author of The Glittering Prizes, said of her performance in that award-winning series. A similarly smitten Clive James said of her "Helena in the Royal Shakespeare Company's All's Well That Ends Well: "You couldn't ask to hear the words better spoken". More! And here's the divine Ms. A - aka "The Voice" - in action on her Kensington Walk.

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