Tuesday, 17 June 2014

If You Do One OTHER Thing In London This Week…

Our Tuesday slot in which we point you in the direction of other great happenings and events in our great city. A new exhibition, a gig, a museum, a pop-up-shop – the best of London within a few minutes of a London Walks walking tour.

The acclaimed one-man-show The Confessions of Gordon Brown is back in the West End (at the Ambassadors Theatre) and will run until the end of July.

Was Gordon Brown our worst Prime Minister in 200 years? The play puts him out there warts and all – but the intelligence in the writing and the humanity in the performance ensures that the piece is no mere dull bludgeon. Insightful and horribly funny, it's a great night.

Might we suggest that writer Kevin Toolis and performer Ian Grieve could team up to give us a one-man-show on every Prime Minister. Mr Grieve would make an admirable Thatcher. And his Lord North would make the perfect companion piece for a debate on Brown. Because surely old Northy was the worst P.M of all… in 1776 he presided over the tragic loss of our favourite colony, after all, some little disagreement about tea, if I remember correctly…

Ian Grieve as Gordon Brown outside Downing Street

There’s a post-show debate after the 1st July performance.

Th Confessions of Gordon Brown
The Ambassadors Theatre
West Street

Tel 08448 112 334

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