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London Walks Discount Walkabout Card

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And so what is the Discount Walkabout Card? Over to David…

If you're a "frequent London Walker" it makes a lot of sense – financial sense – to get one of our Loyalty Cards, our Discount Walkabout Card.

Here's how it works.

You have to pay the full adult rate of £9 on the first walk. On that first walk ask the guide for a Discount Card. The Card itself costs an additional £2. Then once you've got the Card – well, it's like having a Student Card or a Super Adult (over 65s) Card. Ir's a "Season Ticket" that'll save you £2 on every London Walk you do thereafter. It's valid for a month if you're a visitor. Or three months if you live in the UK.

So what we sometimes say is if you're absolutely certain you're going to go on at least one more London Walk it makes solid financial sense to get the Card on the off chance that you might do more. It makes financial sense because you'll break even on the second walk you go on – and you're saving nearly 25% on every walk thereafter. It's a no-brainer, really.

You can do the maths. You pay £9 + £2 (for the card) on the first walk. Then it's only £7 on every walk thereafter. It's a very good saving.

And if you're going on one or more of the out-of-town trips we do – the Great Escapes (to Stonehenge, Bath, Oxford, etc.) – well, the Discount Card is even more of a bargain. It's even more of a bargain because it knocks £4 off the price of the Day Trips – drops the price from £16 to £12. You pay £2, you save £4. How do you go wrong with that deal?

In fact, for a senior – or a student – who's planning on going on several of the Great Escapes, the Card makes sense for them as well, because the normal Senior (over 65s) or Student charge for the Day Trips is £14 and the Discount Card gets it down to £12.

And finally, there's often an "added value" string or two that's attached to the Card. The kind of string you want attached! For example, this Winter-Spring (2012-13) the "special exhibition" at the Museum of London is called Doctors, Dissection & Resurrection Men. The London Walks Discount Card will get two people into that Museum of London Exhibition for the price of one! Can't be bad.

The bulk of this post first appeared on, the London Walks website. Throughout the month of August we'll be posting bits and bobs from the website right here on The Daily Constitutional in a series called From The Archive. And what an archive! Info, opinion, tips… even a bit of poetry! 

A London Walk costs £9 – £7 concession. To join a London Walk, simply meet your guide at the designated tube station at the appointed time. Details of all London Walks can be found at

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