Saturday, 23 August 2014

A London Poem

All through the month of August we'll be blogging a few choice nuggets from The Mothership – that's, the main website of London Walks. Our From The Archive series is written in the main by London Walks' Pen David Tucker and will feature practical tips on joining in with a London Walk, some general London info as well as some more "off the beaten track" bits…


    by Katy Tucker

Here on this steel bridge balcony
I wait Cross-Legged
Humbled amongst the metal Jubilee triangles
Silently un-knotting my thought tangles
Just me with my Themes
Watching the streetlights splatter
Like notes across its liquid score
We loll…
Waiting to watch,
The Evaporating,
The night escaping
Blacktime fleeting
Lighttime creeping
I like to catch the time - split
When the world goes into The Gray
The pregnancy of day
A Mesopotamia
The land between two rivers
The river Yesterday
Drip drying with the drunken hum
Of London’s party town
The river Tomorrow
Soaked in the postnatal depression
of rush hour pressure
But right now the sterling Arroyo is here
“The Grey”
A dormant Londinium
Here I can pretend
This is a ghost town
A tracing
Right now
In this over peopled city
I am alone
In the luna tinsel of
this pale vent
Indulging in nothingness
I am here
to hear my heart beat
My private pentameter
I like to honour
Then a bird tweet!
The feather warning
“here comes morning”
The fire extinguisher explodes
With day flame spray
Putting out The Gray
Casting red crayon scars across the sky
Dipping the Themes in aureate Tie-dye
The tan flakes glory glisten
Blushing coral -pink in corner coves
Crimson plating the snaggle toothed skyline
Amber citrus flushing in
London’s yellow, sallow a m Branding
The clouds burst into boudoir lanterns
The heaving Sun circle
The Great Sphere
Who is gay- golden with gloats
Rolling with ruby laugh folds
The Bulging Bully
Who shames the electric dot spots
(that click out in embarrassment)
Beam laddering holes in night’s tights
And banishing the shadows into exile
The Gray, now, seems, so, vile
The cerulean cracks
As Apollo slinks upwards
I watch this conductor
Wake up the London orchestra!
The life Master
I am nothing now
I watch….
In my smallness
I find Hope.

A London Walk costs £9 – £7 concession. To join a London Walk, simply meet your guide at the designated tube station at the appointed time. Details of all London Walks can be found at

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