Saturday, 9 August 2014

The Famous White Leaflet

All through the month of August we'll be blogging a few choice nuggets from The Mothership – that's, the main website of London Walks. Our From The Archive series is written in the main by London Walks' Pen David Tucker and will feature practical tips on joining in with a London Walk, some general London info as well as some more "off the beaten track" bits…

For anybody who'd like another quick peek under the bonnet...we produce about four or five editions of the Summer London Walks brochure and usually about three editions of the Winter London Walks brochure.

I suppose if you got right down to it and did an exact "count" you could say that we produce 80 or 90 annual "editions" of the London Walks website. Because every time I update it - and it's usually "updated" a couple of times a week - well, that's in effect a new edition.

The big - major major MAJOR - updates are of course the bi-annual changeover from the Winter programme to the Summer programme (the changeover date is always sometime in mid-March) and from the Summer programme to the Winter programme (the changeover date is always November 1st). Just a quick aside: only at London Walks does the English summer last for seven and a half months!

But anybody who drops by here regularly will be well aware that we "tweak" the thing very frequently. Put up special notices - like my one last spring about the rerouting of the Shakespeare's and Dickens's London Walk on Shakespeare's birthday so that we could take advantage of that very rare opportunity to visit the Rose Theatre, which of course was where Shakespeare's career began! Same starting point of course - needless to say, they're sancrosanct once we've gone to press - but quite a major change to the course of the walk so that we could seize that particular opportunity.

And of course the From the Rep tables are always kept well up to date. As soon as a weekend has been and gone I go in to them and strip out the From the Rep walks that took place over that last weekend. I do that so that the From the Rep walk at the top of each table is the next one hoving in to view - i.e., the ones that we'll be doing the very next weekend.

It's common sense, really. It makes infinitely more sense to give "top billing" to something that's coming up rather than something that's been and gone.

And we apply the same principle to the London Walks leaflet. As we roll on through a season we produce a second and a third and a fourth, etc. edition of the leaflet.

A London Walk costs £9 – £7 concession. To join a London Walk, simply meet your guide at the designated tube station at the appointed time. Details of all London Walks can be found at

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