Thursday, 27 November 2014

London Issues: Help Save Our Local Libraries #3BadOptions

Daily Constitutional Editor Adam writes…

My local library in East Finchley is under threat of closure.

The East Finchley Library Users Group needs your support to spread awareness of our impending loss. 

Please help us by joining the campaign Facebook group - one of our great fears is that these changes will be pushed through while busy locals are "looking the other way".

Here's what the East Finchley Library Users Group website has to say…

Weare a group of local volunteers, established in 2004, who support and promote our local library. We are now in campaigning mode as East Finchley Library (along with most of Barnet's libraries) is under serious threat. 

Barnet Council has proposed three future options for East Finchley Library as part of their cost-cutting. All three options we see as unacceptable and lacking in vision. They leave us either with no library in East Finchley or one the size just of the current computer room. The very special building that houses our library is Grade 2 Listed.

We are engaging with Barnet Council’s current consultation, despite the fact it’s rather loaded and designed to generate data they can use to drive through one of the three unsatisfactory options. 

We are also looking to respond with a more imaginative, community-minded and sustainable vision for our 21st century library which will properly serve our community in all its diversity.

The website is here:

The Facebook Group is here:

Thanks for your time on this Thanksgiving day. I am thankful for my local library. Please help us keep it open.

East Finchley, North London N2

27th November 2014

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