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2014 in 12 Blog Posts: March – Has Anyone Seen My Shoe?

Our review of 2014 continues… It's only appropriate that we should illustrate the month of March with a post about footwear. 

Originally posted in our occasional "Last Word" slot (where we take one last look at a London or London Walks related news item at the end of the day), here's LW's Karen – famously one of the world's greatest tour guides according to Travel + Leisure magazine – 

Thanks to everyone who read our blog and joined us on a London Walk today.

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Just before we swap our walking boots for our slippers, here’s one final thought…

Has Anyone Seen My Shoe?

LW's Karen writes…

“Have you seen my shoes anywhere?“

“Try looking where you left them!”

Does this sound like a familiar domestic dialogue? If it does, then you’ll know what the next line is:

“If I knew where I left them, I wouldn’t have to ask, would I?!”

Cue domestic disharmony.

I’ll wager that it’s seldom the case that the shoes are beneath the floorboards. But that’s exactly the case in this story from Wimpole Hall in Cambridge, where a 200-year-old shoe has been found:

Wimpole Hall project conservator, Mary Luckhurst, said: “The burying of shoes in walls and under floors was a well practiced method to ward off evil spirits. This shoe was found under a floorboard directly in front of a window, presumably to stop any evil spirits entering the house through it. Shoes were usually concealed in this way during alterations to a house.”

So there you have it, gents. Another mystery solved. 

Next time you've lost a shoe at home it's because your partner/spouse has buried it under the floorboards to ward off evil spirits and it has nothing whatsoever to do with either your pea brain being incapable of holding two thoughts at once and getting distracted while untying your laces OR your complete disregard for tidiness.

Just saying.

Read the full story at The Cambridge News website.

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