Sunday, 28 December 2014

2014 In 12 Blog Posts: May… The Sweet Smell Of Camden Town

Our review of The Daily Constitutional in 2014 continues… Back in May, as part of our 101 Things To Love About London series (which we'll be adding to in 2015), we ruminated on the perfume of Camden Town station…

Last November, to celebrate the 5th Birthday of The Daily Constitutional, our editor began a list of 101 things to love about London. This month we're adding the next 21…

36. The Smell of Camden Town Station

We'll be frank. There are nicer smells. But we love the smell of Camden Town Underground station. Metallic. A faint note of carbon. To a Camden Towner, or a homeward bounding Northern Line passenger changing trains, it's as sweet as any meadow in spring. It smells of home.

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