Monday, 22 December 2014

What Do London Walks Guides Want For Christmas? Corinna & Karen Have Asked For…

What do London Walks Guides want for Christmas?

Corinna & Karen are not only practical but very easy to please…

Dear Santa,

I would like a red woolly hat and an umbrella that doesn't blow inside out in the wind and warm boots that aren't too heavy please

Love From Corinna

Dear Father Christmas,

For Christmas may I have a recipe book of hearty soups to put into my thermos flask to keep me warm between my British Museum and Westminster walking tours on a Saturday.



On behalf of Santa, The Daily Constitutional editor replies…

Corinna, if Father Christmas is out of red woolly hats, I've spotted this number in the window of Hornets along the route of my Kensington Walk

… and I think it would rather suit you.

Karen, here's Nigel Slater:

"In our house, soup IS dinner. I honestly can’t remember the last time I served it to start a meal. That is how much we love the stuff, whatever the time of year. Herb soups the colour of a summer lawn; chunky bean broths with bowls of gaspingly garlicky aioli; a classic chilled cucumber and sheep’s yogurt soup flecked with radishes and capers.

Earlier in the week I made a chicken soup thick with butter beans, giving it a summery tone with tarragon and grilled chicken skin. It was light, sustaining and far from bank-breaking, and we ate it outdoors with knobbly sticks of sourdough bread. Two days later a box of carrots ended up as a vivid soup with sautéed green-shouldered tomatoes and craggy shards of feta."

I'm not sure how to spell the drooling noise that Homer Simpson makes when he thinks of food, but here we go: Grrrrrrrraoooowwwwwww.

Visit The Observer website for some Nigel Slater soup recipes

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