Tuesday, 6 January 2015

The Best Museums In #London No.1. The Fan Museum @TheFanMuseum

We've canvassed the London Walks guides, asking them to nominate their desert island museum and we'll be posting their responses throughout the month.

As usual, you are more than welcome to join in! Get in touch via Facebook, or Twitter or via the usual email address.

First up is Katy. Katy's a fans fan and here's the museum that she would take to a desert island…

My museum would be the Fan Museum in Greenwich - it is SO London, a tiny little eccentric museum dedicated to the history of ladies fans.

They have everything from wedding fans, pornographic fans to a gun that opens into a fan when you shoot it.

They also do the best value afternoon tea in their orangery, only £7. So I think on my desert island I would be quite happy cooling myself with a fan, drinking tea and learning about the history of fans!

DC Editor Adam replies: Thanks Katy, what a great idea to take not just one fan but a whole museum full of 'em to a desert island! Ingenious, practical and not a little eccentric – the perfect profile of a London Walks guide. Inspired by your post, I'll be recommending the London Motororcyle Museum later in the month. I've always wanted a motorbike (the midlife crisis is coming along nicely, here) and a desert island will be too hot for driving around in a car!

Visit The Fan Museum's website at www.thefanmuseum.org.uk


Katy, aka Bloodline, is our juv lead. She's young, gifted and beautiful. Let alone to the manner born. And if you want to see Katy in action, well, a click here takes you to the little video trailer film maker Jon Klein's made of her Village in Piccadilly Walk.

For info on the Greenwich tour with London Walks go to www.walks.com 

All three parts of our London Museums Podcast…


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