Wednesday, 7 January 2015

The Floating Bookshop @wordonthewater

I just can't argue with the following sign…

Yes, they jolly well are.

More coffee shops needed? Not so much.

Now I like a cup o' mud as much as the next man. You can read about coffee elsewhere on our blog HERE. Oh, and HERE. Yes, and HERE as well. As you can see, we've nothing against coffee, per se here at The Daily Constitutional. It's just that we don't think a shot of caffeine is worth the price of an entire bookshop.

Some of you will remember this news story from last November…

Well the bad news is that, despite a petition and campaign, Word on the Water, the floating bookshop had to leave its Paddington home and will be replaced, I hear, by a coffee shop and information centre. (A bookshop IS an information centre, you dolts!)

The good news is that Word On The Water has popped up at King's Cross!

Good luck to all who sail in her and to all who embark upon voyages of discovery via the books bought at this wonderful London establishment! We do hope your stay in King's Cross is a long and happy one.

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