Wednesday, 18 February 2015


Yesterday our Associate Editor & London Walks guide Richard III witnessed one of London's loveliest and daftest ceremonies. Here he is…

We included some men in funny hats on the Hidden Places in the City of London walk yesterday.  As we were a group of primary school children, the pancake race was an unexpected bonus. The event was described thus in City A.M…

The City’s ancient livery companies gathered at Guildhall yesterday for their annual Shrove Tuesday pancake race.  

It's a colourful event with each aspect of the race allocated to the relevant livery - the Gunmakers start each heat with a bang, the Clockmakers are responsible for the accuracy of the timing, the Fruiterers provide lemons, the Cutlers plastic forks, the Glovers white gloves worn by each runner, and the Poulters the eggs essential in the making of the pancakes.

The picture above comes from City A.M and you can read the full article on their website

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