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The Best Museums In #London No.13: Pollock's Toy Museum @pollockstrust

Back in early 2014 we tackled New Year Resolutions from a physical fitness point of view (click HERE to view last January's archive). 

In 2015 we're addressing another popular promise: this year I will do more culture!

Well we're always pleased to help here at The DC. This January & February will be dedicated to pointing London Walkers and Daily Constitutionalists in the direction of LONDON'S BEST MUSEUMS. 

We've canvassed the London Walks guides, asking them to nominate their desert island museum and we'll be posting their responses throughout the month.

As usual, you are more than welcome to join in! Get in touch via Facebook, or Twitter or via the usual email address.

Isobella (Aged 7 3/4) writes…

Pollock's Toy Museum is a museum full of old and sometimes very, very old toys. Some of the toys are 100 years old and some are even older.

My favourite things were the rocking horse, the shadow puppets and the dolls.

Some of the dolls were like Frankensteins because their eyes were round and wide and starey and I got a bit of a fright when I first saw them. 

The shadow puppets were held on straws and were in their own theatres and the rocking horse was really, really huge.

The museum has lots of rooms and crooked stairs and toys everywhere. It is a great museum for children but grownups would like it too. My mum said she liked it because she remembered some of the toys from when she was a little girl. I would definitely give the Pollock's Toy Museum nine out of ten.

Thanks Isobella! And here are some of Isobella's pictures…

You can plan your visit at the Pollock's Toy Museum website

Pollock's Toy Museum
1 Scala Street, 

All three parts of our London Museums Podcast…


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