Friday, 6 March 2015

Where in the World No.34: #Japan

Where in the World? is our series in which Adam, The Daily Constitutional’s Editor is logging the locations of his London Walkers.

“We meet people from all over the world, and I thought it would be fun to map them out to create a picture of where our London Walkers (and Daily Constitutionalists) come from.

We’ll be breaking it down by English and Welsh counties, Scottish regions, Irish provinces, U.S States, Canadian provinces, Australian states, European, Asian, African and South American countries.”

Welcome Japan!

We were delighted recently to be in the company of these students…

… from Osaka in Japan. They joined us on a walking tour of Westminster and the West End on a crisp and chilly day back in January. I shared the walk with my colleague and DC Associate Editor Richard III and we both agreed that it was one of the most enjoyable afternoons we had spent as London Walks guides…

Finding a Japanese London connection in London is an easy task – particularly within the world of popular culture. 

David Bowie is central to the Rock'n'Roll London Walk and his fabled Ziggy Stardust character (we meet both Ziggy and David on the walk) was heavily influenced by Japanese artists.

The famous Ziggy haircut was a direct copy (Bowie had it styled in deeply unfashionable Beckenham High Street, opposite the Three Tuns pub!) from a magazine shoot for the now defunct title Honey, by photographer Masayoshi Sukita, for an article on the first London show by Japanese designer Kansai Yamamoto back in 1971. 

Masayoshi Sukita went on to shoot the sleeve for Bowie's "Heroes" album…

… while Kansai Yamamoto's creations were worn on stage by Bowie during the Ziggy Stardust tour.

And heres our RocknRoll London video

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