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A Century of #London Walks – Well Done Marc!

London Walks guide and Daily Constitutional Associate Editor Richard III gives a BIG shout out to Marc Hodes (pictured above), the Long Distand London Walks Champion who has now completed more than 100 walking tours with London Walks & Paris Walks! Congratulations Marc!

Here's an email Marc sent to Richard…

Dear Richard,

My completed walks are listed below. Not bad for someone who has actually only been in residence here for one month – the rest were on weekend trips and the like from Ireland. 

I moved here for these seven months in no small part motivated by the fact I need to get more serious about getting these walks done. A bonus is my 10 month old son’s favourite toy is the London Walks pamphlet. Each one lasts about a week…

Best Wishes


London Walks
1. Old Westminster
2. Historic Greenwich
3. The Beatles Magical Mystery Tour
4. The Old Jewish Quarter
5. The London Walk: St. Paul’s to the Tower of London 
6. Little Venice
7. Murder Most Foul
8. Bath (Explorer Day)
9. Stonehenge and Salisbury (Explorer Day)
10. Subterranean London
11. South Ken – Albertopolis, Alcazar and Alcoves
12. Old Kensington
13. Shakespeare’s and Dickens’ London
14. The Christmas Lights and Seasonal Cheer Pub Walk
15. The British Museum Walk
16. Notting Hill and Portobello Market
17. St. Albans (Explorer Day)
18. Avesbury and Lacock (Explorer Day)
19. The Regent’s Canal: Islington to Mile End
20. Old Hampstead Village
21. Old Marylebone
22. The London of Oscare Wilde
23. Spies and Spycathers London
24. Hampstead Village Pub Walk
25. The Famous Square Mile
26. Old Camden Town
27. Off the Beaten Track in St. Pancras Pub Walk
28. The Dark Side of Kensington
29. The Old Chelsea Village Pub Walk
30. Royal Richmond and Hampton Court (Explorer Day)
31. Chartwell and the Weald of Kent (Explorer Day)
32. Scandalous St. John’s Wood
33. Past Preserved - Nookes and Crannies in Charlie Chaplan's London
34. The London of the Rothchildes "The True Lords of Europe"
35. Reds, Radicals and Revolutionaries
36. Christmas Morning 1660 – Samuel Pepys’ London
37. The Christmas Day Charles Dickens’ London Walk
38. Soho in the Morning
39. Old Mayfair
40. Soho Unzipped Pub Walk
41. Cambridge: Can Such Places Be? (Explorer Day/Day Trip)
42. The Olympic Walk
43. Pie Crust to Upper Crust
44. All Change at St. Pancras
45. “Somewhere Else” London
46. Historic Wimbledon Village Winners & Wildcards, Sweetspots & Set
Points in SW19
47. The Iron Lady: Thatcher’s London
48. Clubs and Clubmen: The Gentlemen's Clubs 49. London's Literary Golden Mile
50. Jack the Ripper Haunts
51. Bond, James Bond: 007 & Ian Fleming’s London, The “shaken not stirred” Pub Walk
52. The London Tour: Westminster and the West End
53. Westminster at War
54. Lavenham and the Villages of Suffolk (Day Trip)
55. Brunel's Thames Tunnel: Mayflower, Riverside Village, Time Warp London
56. Victoria: Gateway to the Continent 
57. Victoria and Albert Museum Tour 
58. Rock ‘n’ Roll London
59. Doing the Lambeth Walk
60. Harry Potter on Location in London Town
61. Ancient London: Knights, Nuns and Notoriety
62. Pox and Penicillin: Medical Paddington Past and Present
63. Docklands: Cobblestones, Quaysides & Cloud-capped Towers 64. The “Somewhere Else” London Pub Walk
65. Bonny Barmy Balham: Gateway to the South
66. Rat’s Castle to Midtown: Sordid Past to Sort of Posh
67. Haunted London
68. The Secrets of Westminster Abbey
69. The Beatles In My Life Walk
70. The Tower of London Tour
71. The Unknown East End
72. A Village in Piccadilly
73. Old Westminster by Gaslight
74. Behind Closed Doors
75. The Hidden Pubs of Old London Town (2 times)
76. Legal and Illegal London: The Inns of Court
77. Chelsea: London’s Riverside Village
78. The Monopoly Walk: Advance to Mayfair
79. The Street Art Walk: Bombing with Banksy and Co. (Shoreditch, as opposed to Spitalfields, Version)
80. The Old Knightsbridge Village Pub Walk
81. George Orwell’s London: Big Brother is Watching You
82. The Along the Thames Pub Walk
83. The Great Melting Pot: Immigrants London
84. Old Highgate Village
85. Leighton House: Palace, Studio, East Meets West Treasure Cave
86. Meet the Anglo Saxons: The Sutton Hoo Gallery in the British Museum 87. Brunel’s London: Boat Trip, River Walk, Tunnel Descent...
88. What Ho, Jeeves! The London of P.G. Wodehouse
89. Elephant and Castle: The Regeneration Game
90. Frozen Music: The City of London Architecture Walk
91. Inside London’s Fashion Scene: Savile Row to Stell McCartney
92. Roaming by the River: The Thames is Liquid History
93. The City of Money and the Crash: How It Really Happened
94. Eccentric London: London is Stranger Than Fiction
95. Classic London Mews and Hidden Passageways
96. The Huguenot Silk Weavers of Spitalfields: Riches to Rags
97. Backstairs Belgravia: Byways, Hidden Haunts and Classic Pubs
98. Sherlock Holmes Saves the Nation! The Great Detective’s Westminster
99. The West End Ghost Walk
100. The National Gallery: The Best Art Tour Ever
101. The Greatest Multicultural City: Invaders and Immigrants, Exiles and Escapees
102. The Boat Race Sneak Peak: Blue Boys, Buoys, Bridges and Troubled Waters
103. Harry Potter Film Locations in the City
104. London’s Secret Village
105. Strand on the Green: “London’s Last Remaining True Village” 
106. Bohemia Fitzrovia: A Pub Walk in London’s Old Latin Quarter 
107. West Hampstead Village: The Other Hampstead

Paris Walks
1. The Marais Circuit I
2. The Marais Circuit II
3. The Village of Montmartre 4. The French Revolution
5. Old Les Halles Market
6. Occupation and Liberation 7. Institut de France
8. Jefferson’s Paris
9. Cite Island and Notre Dame
10. The Paris Chocolate Tour
11. Napoleon and Josephine at the Château of La Malmaison
12. The Paris Opera House
13. Montparnasse, the Val de Grace Convent and the Luxembourg Gardens 14. The Resistance, the Occupation, and the Vél d’Hiver
15. Underground Tour of the Sewers and the Story of the River Seine
16. Secrets of the Left Bank

17. Hemingway’s Paris

The Ed. adds: Phew! Well done Marc!


A London Walk costs £10 – £8 concession. To join a London Walk, simply meet your guide at the designated tube station at the appointed time. Details of all London Walks can be found at

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