Tuesday, 21 April 2015

#London Plaque Tiddlywinks No.21: G.K Chesterton

Welcome to Plaque Tiddlywinks! 

Every night in the month of April we'll be jumping from one literary London plaque to another, connecting each plaque to another literary figure commemorated elsewhere in London with a nugget of literary trivia. Creative collaborations, romantic entanglements, feuds, places-in-common, the links will vary, but over the course of 30 days we'll have covered poets, biographers, novelists, humourists, critics, thriller writers and more until we have arrived full circle back at plaque number one! 

If you can guess what our next plaque might be, feel free to leave a comment at the bottom of the post.

21. G.K Chesterton studied to become an illustrator. It is Chesterton's work as a journalist, novelist and essayist for which he is famed. Described as "a man of colossal genius" by George Bernard Shaw – his friend and rival – Chesterton has a memorial at Westminster Abbey, and had a requiem mass at Westminster Cathedral. Chesterton enjoyed literary spats with friends such as the aforementioned GBS and…

We'll be back tomorrow night with our next Plaque Tiddlywink. In the meantime, here's where to find tonight's plaque at 11 Warwick Gardens W14…

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