Tuesday, 5 May 2015

#London Statues: Edith Cavell Part 1

London Walks Pen & Daily Constitutional Special Correspondent David Tucker pauses by a statue hidden in plain view…

Fast by, pass by. It’s like Junk Food, it’s empty calories.

Talking about the Edith Cavell statue on William IV Street, just up from Trafalgar Square. And talking about the hordes who are right there, day in and day out – who miss it, walk on by. Miss seeing something absolutely extraordinary. A woman, right there, being executed by firing squad.


How do you not see that?

But they don’t. They come out of Pret, blind to it even though it’s right in front of them. Or ignore it on their way to Leicester Square Tube. Or tunnel vision past it on their way to Trafalgar Square.

They miss it.

A woman’s being executed right there – right by them – and they miss it.

They mindlessly wander and stroll and surge and flit past it, the hordes. Paying it no regard whatsoever. Well, maybe a few of them give it an idle, passing glance. A passing glance that amounts to dipping for water with a sieve.

More’s the pity. Because they’re, well, “losers” – they’re losing out.

And no, I’m not being a carnival barker, not spieling “step right this way, see a woman drilled full of lead by a firing squad.”

What I am saying is you should take aim at the Cavell statue. Take aim with your intelligence, your imagination and indeed your self-respect.

For lack of a better word, it pays to do so. It’s enlarging, enriching.

Stay tuned. We’re going to take aim. Starting tomorrow.

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